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From Simple To High-Functioning Website Development

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Concept and Design

A visual representation of your new website that details layout, functionality and flow with a detailed tech-spec of all elements to be built


User Interface and Experience

Designing the look and feel of your site and deciding how your customers will interact with the content will engage your users and enhance client retention.

Test and Deploy

Testing all functional elements ensures that the site will perform to the expected levels. Once we are satisfied, we deploy the site and start promotion.

Types Websites We Create, Build and Promote

Marketing Websites are specific sites that handle the marketing, advertising and promotional functions of a business. These sites are made up of a series of landing pages that host the submission and lead collection forms for online advertising campaigns and deliver ongoing client communication via marketing automation.

A Small Business Website details all areas of your business and highlight the benefits of buying your products and services.

Corporate Websites are usually larger in scale and detail the structure of the corporation as well as connecting subsidiaries. These websites also detail the products and services on offer and direct viewers to locations of the business.

A Brochure Website is one or two page-website displaying a company’s detail or product/service information.

eCommerce Website also known as an online store enables the sale of products or services. Click here for more details on eCommerce Sites

Educational and Training Websites are interactive website with educational or training information on virtually any given topic. Built on an LMS (Learning Management System) system that is able to deliver content in video, text or images, conduct tests, deliver certificates and handles gamification.

Media or Entertainment Websites are regularly updated content on current affairs, sports, and entertainment sites that encourage repeat visitors interested in the latest happenings.

Nonprofit Websites are similar to business websites that encouraging visitors to assist with any given cause.

Portal Websites are typically internal websites for schools or businesses where users log in to systems that store resources for collective use.

Membership Websites are used as a hub for people with similar interests that are happy to pay for a collection of resources that satisfy that interest.

Blog Websites an online journal or informational page that is regularly updated. Often used by content creators to generate advertising revenue by placing relevant adverts and sponsorships around the blog.


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Website Functionality Potential

  • Blog and News Delivery
  • Image Management
  • Lead and Contact Collection
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Client follow up
  • Video Display
  • Event Calendar or Event booking
  • Product showcasing
  • Order taking
  • Photo Display

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Web Design and Development Related Services


Our hosting service is entirely dependant on the type of web design or development you require. We utilise VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and dedicated servers that are extremely powerful and fast.

Email Services

Besides your standard website email, should it be needed we utilise the Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) as a very secure, trusted email delivery service that ensures very hight email delivery.

Data Centre

Our data centres are located around the globe and are selected based on you and your users location. From Michigan to Arizona USA, Amsterdam in Europe to Singapore in Asia.

Data Centre

Our data centres are located around the globe and are selected based on you and your users location. From Michigan to Arizona USA, Amsterdam in Europe to Singapore in Asia.


All services are highly-secure with SSL certification that increases visitor trust whilst using your website and apps.

Google Services

Integration of your web function with products from The Google G Suite is an optional extra should your system require these additions.

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